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Probus is a luncheon club with a difference. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month to enjoy a good meal, companionship and an interesting talk. Speakers cover a wide range of subjects from the worlds of work, sport, the arts, history, hobbies, to the environment and so on.





The following message was written a few years ago by Ian Rathjen during his Chairmanship of Surbiton Probus. Ian is still a member *(as was his father in our early days!) although for family reasons he now lives in Scotland. But Ian put his thoughts and feelings about the Club so well that, with his permission, we are reproducing them here.

"I welcome this opportunity to say something about Surbiton Probus Club because it is an organisation which deserves praise. We are a flourishing group and the reason is that we are such a friendly crowd. Our monthly lunches at Glenmore House provide not only good food but also a welcoming atmosphere in which it would be hard to feel left out. The speakers after lunch are stimulating and at least twice a year we ask members to bring guests to enjoy the proceedings. Indeed, so keen are the members to meet each other that they also come along in good numbers to the pub lunches held at various hostelries around the Borough.

With over 50 members there are usually willing volunteers to join our small organising committee and posts, like mine as Chairman, rotate annually so that the Club does not have to rely on the same old faces every year! The committee also organises local outings to places of interest and twice a year we take long weekend coach tours within the UK. These are extremely popular not least because we look to maintain a tradition of a good hotel with good food.

Of course you do not have to live in Surbiton to be able to join us. We have some members who come regularly even though they live some distance away. Not everyone comes by car; there are really good local transport links so people are not put off by distance. We do not have a waiting list so we welcome you if you would like to join us. Get in touch; come along as a guest to see for yourself what a friendly crowd we are.

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope that you now feel that you know a little more about us and will seriously consider becoming a member yourself."

Ian Rathjen Chairman 2005-6 Surbiton Probus Club.









Some of our members and guests at lunch



If you are a retired professional or business person, why not consider joining us? To find out more about what we are and what we do, browse through the rest of our web site. New members are welcome - contact us by post, telephone or e-mail for more details.




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